TOWNGAS - Interactive eCatalog


Towngas, being one of the largest energy suppliers in Hong Kong, has been striving to provide customers with a safe, reliable supply of energy and the caring, competent and efficient service. To deliver the message and professional knowledge to their internal staffs and general visitors, some interactive solutions are used at Towngas North Point Showcase.


Mass Modules has provided a series of interactive solutions for Towngas - from hardware to software. The first solution is interactive touch screen with 3D animation, modeling and eCatalog system. It indicates product features, components and characteristics so users can have a better understanding of the operation. The second one is the transparent display showcase. 3D animation and modeling are shown on the screen while the physical device is displayed at the same time at the back of the screen. This program can clearly show visitors how the device works in a real-life situation. The last solution is the core concept - 能工巧匠 and educational experience on an interactive touch screen.



- Interactive touch screen

- Transparent display showcase

- 3D modeling

- Animation

- eCatalog