Magic Mirror


Magic Mirror is highly customizable, with retailers’ brand contents and product information, creating a branding experience that your guests will never forget. Best fit for store floor and fitting rooms, Magic Mirror not only enhances shoppers’ engagement with products, but also transform the fitting room into an interactive, informative and fun part of the customer journey.



• Enables virtual try-on and mix and match to avoid long queue for fitting rooms

• Request sales assistance by touching the mirror, without leaving the fitting room

• RFID integration provides detailed product information, plus stock checking and ordering capabilities

• Integration with social media

Kinect Body Sensor

Detect user’s body movement


Product information detection allows the system to recognize real items and display corresponding images or video onscreen immediately

Response Visual Unit

Come with a dedicated graphic card to ensure all apps run smoothly

4K Display

4K screen display showing the user interface and product content

Touch Screen

Provide interactive communication with Magic Mirror such as entering email to get product information.


Statistic and analytic report

DSLR Camera

Capture high resolution photos up to 12.2 megapixels

Studio Flash

Provide proper lighting for taking photos clearly under different conditions

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